World Wide Official Distribution Partners

TonerSaver is available from our official distributors listed below. (Alphabetical order)
Australian CO2 Exchange Pty Ltd. (Australia)
Cross Border Technologies GmbH (Germany)
Global Online Business Jsc. (Vietnam)
Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic (India)
IBC Technology JSC (Vietnam)
Kayangan Cahaya Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
NAKRA Ltd. (Turkey)
On And On Corp. (Japan)
RBO PrintLogistix (USA)
Tecwokx (Ghana)
ViaNubo, Inc. (Venezuela)

If you are interested in becoming our distribution partner, please contact us.


Partners and resellers

To become a reseller

We are looking for resellers around the world who would like to sell our award-winning product TonerSaver. TonerSaver offers an opportunity to add a product to your portfolio that can provide significant cost savings to your customers as well as offering you an attractive new annual revenue stream. It is ideal for distribution by value added resellers, systems integrators and IT services providers and suitable for any client business from enterprise to SMB. Our customers come from all market segments including banking, insurance, government, education, retail and manufacturing. TonerSaver is currently available in English, Japanese and German. Other languages can be considered if necessary. TonerSaver is usually provided on an annual per computer licence basis but monthly licences, multi-year licences or other models can be considered. The licence fee from TonerSaver can give you a valuable and reliable annual revenue stream to help maintain your bottom line. The annual license renewal rate from our customers is over 90%. If you are interested in being a reseller, please feel free to contact us.

Our Technologies

We offer flexible options for integrating our software technologies into your custom solutions for both software and hardware, or for bundling our products with your software. We also offer OEM/white label licenses and special volume discounts to resellers – if you are a PC repair shop, consultant, system integrator, publisher, retailer, VAR or another type of reseller, we encourage you to contact us regarding our Reseller Program. The program is focused on building a long-term partnership and allows you to reach high returns on investment right from the start of our cooperation. If you are looking to add value to your products, integrating or bundling our award-winning technologies with your own solutions may provide just what your customers need. We offer original patented technologies in printing, toner saving and other areas.              

Examples of technologies we can offer to our partners:

  • – Printing solution for Windows
  • – PDL driver development tool for laser printers
  • – Raster driver development tool for GDL Laser and inkjet printers
  • – XPS driver technology
  • – CDA/Sorcerer/XPS Common Components
  • – Halftone screen generator and stochastic screening
  • – Data encryption and compression between drivers and printers
  • – Tools for downloading Windows fonts to printers
  • – Image resizing tools
  • – Specialized drivers
  • – Toner/ink saving and print log capturing tools for MFPs, Laser Printers and Inkjet printers
  • – Generic printer drivers supporting multi-vendor printers

If you are interested in becoming our partner, please feel free to contact us.