Q: Does TonerSaver work on Windows 8 / 8.1?

Important Notice on UEFI

In order for TonerSaver 4 to work with Windows 8 (64 bit) or later, Secure Boot function must be turned off in UEFI setting of your PC BIOS settings.
Specifically, you need to change Secure Boot function in UEFI setting from [Enable] to [Disable]. [Enable] can be [On] or [Activated], and [Disable] can be [Off] or [Deactivated]. How to change the setting depends on the manufacturer or the type of your PC. For more details, see the user manual of your PC or ask the PC manufacturer.


1.Turn on your PC, and enter into BIOS settings.

After your PC power is turned on, but before windows is started, a key to enter into BIOS settings will be shown on your monitor screen. Please refer to below screens as samples. Press the designated key while the information is being shown. The key to be pressed differs according to the PC model. [Delete], [F1] or [F2] are often used.


2.Once you entered into BIOS settings, then search UEFI setting and change Secure Boot from [Enable] to [Disable].

UEFI sometimes represented as [UEFI BIOS], [Setup], or [Setup Utility] according to your PC model. Some PC models include Secure Boot setting in the detail setting menu such as [Advanced Mode]. Find Secure Boot setting, and change it from [Enable] to [Disable].

3.After changed the Secure Boot setting, make sure to save and exit.

In most cases, the changed settings are not saved if you finish the BIOS settings by pressing [Esc] key. Make sure to select “save and exit” when you finish.

Q: What is TonerSaver?

TonerSave is a software solution developed to reduce the amount of toner or ink used when printing. The patented technologies in TonerSaver can reduce the amount of toner or ink used by up to 75% (in steps of 1%) while keeping print quality.

Q: What is difference between free trial version and the product version?

There is no functional difference between the two versions. The only difference is the free version is provided for a limited period of time.

Q: Which language does TonerSaver support?

TonerSaver3 currently supports English, Japanese and German. We plan to add support for other languages in the future.

Q: Should our office consider using TonerSaver?

Our existing customers average overall saving rates of about 25%. Some achieve much higher savings. If your average per user toner and ink expenditure is more than 4 times the annual license fee we would recommend you consider implementing TonerSaver.

Q: Do we need to install the server software to use TonerSaver?

No, the TonerSaver client software runs as a standalone utility on each client PC. The server software is only needed if you want to collect centralised print logs for cost and security analysis.

Q: Which OS does TonerSaver support?

The TonerSaver4 client software supports Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or later, Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows 8.1, 8, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit). TonerSaver Server supports Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later (32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows Server 2008 SP2 or later (32-bit and 64-bit).

Q: Which printers does TonerSaver support?

TonerSaver supports laser and inkjet printers from any manufacturers.

Q: Which printer drivers does TonerSaver support?

The standard version of TonerSaver supports all printer drivers except PostScript drivers. In this case, however, you can use TonerSaver by using PCL driver provided by printer manufacturer. TonerSaver doesn’t support dot impact printers.

Q: Does TonerSaver replace or change the existing printer driver?

No. TonerSaver works with the existing printer drivers that you are using now. It doesn’t need to replace or change them. Also, it doesn’t interrupt any functions of printer driver.

Q: Does TonerSaver support color printers?

Yes. TonerSaver supports both monochrome and color printers.

Q: Does TonerSaver support inkjet printers?

Yes, but by default it doesn’t support the HP Photosmart series of printers.

Q: Does TonerSaver support a multifunction printers?

Yes, but it doesn’t reduce toner or ink for any functions such as copy or fax that doesn’t use the printer driver.

Q: Does TonerSaver support network printers and local printers?

Yes, as well as network printers it supports local shared and unshared printers.

Q: Does TonerSaver support Unix, Linux and Macintosh OS?

No. Currently TonerSaver doesn’t support Linux/UNIX or Macintosh workstations.

Q: Can TonerSaver work with a remanufactured toner?

Yes. TonerSaver can work with remanufactured toners.

Q: Which computers should we install TonerSaver on?

TonerSaver should be installed on all client computers that you want to use it on. If you want to support printing to shared network printers using Server Side Rendering then you should also install TonerSaver on the print server.

Q: Do we need to set the reduction rate for each printer?

This is optional. Most customers set a single predefined reduction rate that is used for all printers but you can set separate reduction rate for individual printer if you want.

Q: How long does the installation take?

The client software takes about three minutes to install on each PC.

Q: We have so many client computers. How should we manage to install?

The client module supports installation via a MSI package. For large numbers of PCs we recommend installing remotely during the machine shutdown script or by using your standard software deployment tool.

Q: Do we need to install TonerSaver to print server?

This is not usually necessary but if you want to support printing to shared network printers using Server Side Rendering then you should install TonerSaver on the print server.

Q: Does TonerSaver support MetaFrame environments?

Yes, TonerSaver supports virtual/terminal environment such as Citrix and Windows Terminal Server.

About Printed Output

Q: How can we set the reduction level?

You can set the reduction rate from 0% to 75% in steps of 1% using the print time slide bar. If you perfer you can set a pre-defined fixed reduction rate and disable the slide bar so it does not slow.

Q: How does TonerSaver affect printing speeds?

TonerSaver is designed not to affect print performance.

Q: How much memory will TonerSaver use on my system?

TonerSaver runs as a memory resident process to monitor for printing activity. It uses about 8 Mb of main memory.

Q: Does TonerSaver affect the printer hardware?

TonerSaver doesn’t affect the printer because the program works prior to the manufacturer’s printer driver. The manufacturer’s printer driver produces the output to the printer as usual.

Q: How do we know how much TonerSaver is saving?

TonerSaver has a print log feature which records who printed, when printed and what was printed. The logs can be viewed in the Log viewer or exported a CSV file for future analysis. The Log Server can also collect logs from all workstations for central analysis of the whole company’s print behavior.

Q: What is different from the toner save mode provided by a printer driver?

Most printer driver saving mode work by decreasing the print resolution and output quality. TonerSaver reduces toner and ink usage intelligently without reducing either. You can get high quality print result while saving costs. TonerSaver is also much easier for your users to use and allows administrators to enforce and monitor a corporate saving policy.

Q: Is it possible to save when using a report generation software?

If the software prints through the standard manufacturer printer driver it is possible to save using TonerSaver. If the software bypasses the manufacturer’s printer driver it is not possible.

Q: Toner isn’t being reduced correctly.

If there are problems with the output using TonerSaver please notify us using the contact form. Please tell us which operating system, which application and which printer driver you are using.

About the License

Q: How is TonerSaver licensed?

TonerSaver is usually licensed on an annual basis for each user. When you purchase a license, you will receive a license key file that records your license information inclulding the number of users and the expiry date. In order to enable the program, you need this license key file.

Q: Will TonerSaver interfere with printing when the license period expires?

No. If the TonerSaver license has expired you will be able to continue printing as usual but TonerSaver will not work so you will not gain the benefit of savings.

Q: When does our license start?

The license start an expiry dates can be arranged with your supplier.

Q: How long should we wait until we get a license key?

We usually provide a license key within 1 business day of purchase.

Q: Do we need to reinstall the program after updating our license?

No. You don’t need to reinstall the program. The only thing you have to do is update the license key file on your system.

Q: Should we read the license key file again when we update our license.

Yes. You need to update the license key file in TonerSaver. For network installs this can be done automatically by copying the new license file to the client systems.

About Print Logs

Q: Is TonerSaver Server required for print activity logging?

No. Activity can be logged on the local machine. The Log Server component is only needed if you want to manage print records on a central server.

Q: Can we record our print history?

You can record your print history for each computer by using the print logging feature. You can also manage the print history for all computers that have a TonerSaver installed on them by using the TonerSaver Server component.

Q: How large are the print log files?

The program records between 400 and 500 bytes of data per print job.

Q: How much network traffic is generated for TonerSaver Server?

The amount of log data sent by the client is about 500 bytes for each print job.

Q: What data can TonerSaver Server collect?

It can collect print date and time, user name, computer name, printer name, reduction rate, number of printed pages, printed document name, application name, paper size and monochrome or color printing.

Q: Is a print log always recorded?

No. You can turn the logging feature on or off using the administrator settings.