Case Studies

We have tremendous customers from many different industries. The following table shows corporations which introduce TonerSaver 100 licenses or more:

Industry# of companiesExamples
Banking7Main finance banks and local banks
Life insurance and Damage insurance5Sompo Japan Insurance Inc., Medicare Life Insurance Co, Ltd. and other major life insurance companies
Securities and Credit services3JCB Co., Ltd.
System Integrators13NEC Corporation, Otsuka Corporation, Benic Solution Corp.
Manufacturing11Renesas Eastern Japan Semiconductor, Inc.
Services8Major HR service companies
Retailers11Kanto Mazda Col, Ltd. and major drug store chain
Government Offices3Nishitokyo City Office and Fussa City Office
Transport and Telecommunications2Major carriers
Others6Real Estate companies, Universities and so on

TonerSaver has been introduced in about 800 organizations with over 550,000 licenses. (as of Sep/2013)

Renesas Semiconductor (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Benefits of TonerSaver

  • Very easy to use
  • Server version is useful for caluculating reduced cost and deciding the reduction rate

Kumamoto Orthopaedic Hospital

Benefits of TonerSaver

  • High quality printing. Staff don’t even notice the toner saving
  • Can see real cost reductions.

Medicare Life Insurance Co, Ltd.

Benefits of TonerSaver

  • Easy installation and superior support framework
  • Reduced annual toner costs
  • Improved employee awareness of cost-cutting and environmental protection

Green Purchasing Network

Benefits of TonerSaver

  • Improved employee awareness of cost-cutting and environmental protection
  • High quality printing documents that can be used for regular work even with a 50% saving rate

Renesas Eastern Japan Semiconductor, Inc.

Benefits of TonerSaver

  • Superior print quality, considerably better than all other competitors
  • Cost reduction effect
  • Reduced chance of confidential information leaks due to collecting print logs

Fussa City Office

Benefits of TonerSaver

  • The print logging feature also enables us to monitor the amount of paper used
  • Cost reduction effect
  • High print quality that can even be used for barcode printing

Benic Solution Corp.

Benefits of TonerSaver

  • Enhancing our approach to environment management
  • Cost reduction achieved while keeping print quality
  • Reduced chance of personal information leakage by using the logging feature